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Assignment # 3

The impact of Facebook and its effect on social relationships can often be seen within the news.  Because of the  anonymity of the internet, as well as the connectivity of social networking sites, people are capable of using this tool for bot benevolent and harmful acts.The impact of this site has affected our world to the point that the news has taken an interest in it, highlighting the dangers and benefits of this social networking site. There numerous cases in which information found or given on individual’s Facebook pages have been used for cyberstalking and harassment. For example, In this ABC news article and video, a man manipulated an underage girl on Facebook in order to commit statutory rape and abduction. In another news clip, we see how a group of teens assumed the identity of a classmate in order to harass and bully him.

And yet Facebook can also be used for good and noble purposes. Since it allows one to reach out to a large number of people, some have formed groups to spread messages of remembrance. Take, for example, the video below, also from ABC News, which talks about a group of volunteers who created a Facbook page in memory of  fallen soldiers of the war in Iraq. Also, due to the social aspect of Facebook, it can allow people to reunite after being separated for years, such as in this clip in which a mother is reunited with her 2 kidnapped children after 15 years through Facebook.

In conclusion, Facebook  has greatly affected the world since it was created. The fact that Facebook has become newsworthy shows the impact it has had in our culture as a networking tool, and the affects that it has introduced through its existence. Each article and story shows us the dangers and benefits that Facebook has introduced through social networking. It has unlocked new tools and opportunities that allows us to reconnect with old acquaintances, discover others of similar interests, and share ourselves to the world. But it also paves the way for cyber crimes and invasion/exploitation of private information.There are both good and bad implications of the impact of Facebook, but the fact remains that it is a part of our lives, our culture, and after experiencing it modern digital society can  no longer go back to the way things were.

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