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Assignment #5

Technology is a tool. Creations such as the internet and all the programs found within it act as a framework that allows one access to a compendium of humane knowledge. With it, people are able to not only locate information,  but are given the capability of influencing what is there, thus leaving an impact on the world. This is ether done by blogging, face booking, tweeting, advertising, web designing, and so forth. In western culture we believe that the impact of technology is world wide, although only a small portion of the world’s population has access to it. Yet those who do have access are able to do many things made more difficult without it.

Within the video, Facebook is used by the revolutionary protesters as a tool for social reform. Ysuf Bagato, a young revolutionist featured in the video, claimed that Facebook and twitter are what got the revolution started. Its framework of mass socializing allows the protesters to share their message to a broad audience, both within and outside of their country. They use it as a means of spreading the word of the corruption and tyranny of the Egyptian government by posting political views, videos depicting atrocities, and generally reaching out to the youths of Egypt who nearly all have Facebook accounts.

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